Young Writers​

Thank you for signing on to the CWP Fairfield Young Writers blog. Here you will be able to post and receive feedback on your writing from your peers in the CWP Fairfield Young Writers. In order to keep this blog a comfortable and open place for you to share your writing, we must adhere to a set of expectations for using this site.

I. No participant may use the site to slander any other person. This is grounds for immediate removal.
II. All participants should use the site to post, read and reflect on their own writing and the writing of others. Therefore, all participants are expected to maintain a level of respect and appropriateness in their writings, posts,and reflections. Anyone not submitting appropriate works or reflecting on the works of others in an inappropriate manner will be asked to leave the group.
III. Use this as a place to try new things with your writing. Be open to sharing your writing, as well as giving positive and constructive feedback to others who have posted their writing. Be sure to give a clear title in the discussion post. This way, others in the group can read a title for each post and decide on how or if they wish to share.​